Monday, July 4, 2011

Eye Spy...

...on the London Eye, someone who is tall!

Your favourite tall girl finally did it. After hearing about it and nearly 6 months of seeing it, I went on the Eye. Mom, Music Man, Tall Guy and I joined the masses taking advantage of the clear sky.

Unless it is raining or foggy, expect to spend some time queuing for the Eye:
We queued for tickets.
We queued to get our photo taken in front of a green screen (and wouldn’t you know, the camera wasn’t working, so we were spared queuing to look at our picture “in front of the Eye”).
We queued to get into the theatre to see the rather cheesy 4-D presentation about the Eye involving a lot bubbles and a seagull flying around that the 5-year-old on one side of me, and Tall Guy on the other, kept swatting at.
And then we queued for the Eye itself. The line looked discouragingly long, especially with the hot sun beating down on it. We asked an attendant how long the wait might be. “About 30 minutes”, he said. (Sure enough, we were stepping into our pod just over a half hour later. The queues all moved quickly, but they do add up: we used the whole morning.)
I was pleasantly surprised when we hopped into the pod: it wasn’t nearly as crowded as I had been expecting; each pod only carries one “row” of passengers, so nearly everyone can sit (and still see) and move around to take pictures.
We took a lot… here are some highlights:

eye in the sky
What goes up
must come down

See the tallest tower? Tall Guy works there!


  1. I LOVE the Eye. Great views... I wish I could have gone around two times. 23 minutes went so quickly.

  2. I agree! I felt it went slowly enough to take pictures and see things, but another time around, or maybe a 33 minute revolution, would have been good.

  3. Very cool! Was it scary? Was there a glass floor?

  4. No Sara, it wasn't scary at all. There was a wide bench in the middle for anyone who wanted to sit (and not get too close to the glass walls.) The pod felt very solid and I couldn't feel the movement. The floor wasn't glass, but the glass walls did curve in to meet the floor. One end opened for us to enter and exit and there was a sign inside the pod that said "Please do not lean on the doors." Woo! There was no way I'd be doing that!

  5. Tall Guy and his mom like rides. They thought there should be a special ticket for a "fast ride", when the Eye would whip you around really, really fast. Really fast. I can't say I agree...