Friday, July 15, 2011

Busier than ants in the kitchen

I saw one about a month ago. I figured it was a fluke, that it had fallen inside when I opened the skylight.

The other day I saw a little gang approaching some toast crumbs. I pretended I didn’t see them and hurriedly wiped up the crumbs before dashing off to work. 

That evening they would not be ignored: there was an entire army of them munching away on two kinds of muesli, porridge oats and Shreddies (how did they get in there? They must have tools.).

I swept the boxes off the counter into the trash and replaced them with ant traps. So far all the traps seem to be doing is encouraging the ants to come visit.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve done quite a bit of visiting ourselves. Here’s a quick roundup and a few snapshots of our busier-than-the-ants summer to date:

Visitors – After Tall Mom and Music Man went home, Sailor, en route to Italia, dropped in for a couple of days (with her new haircut, I might need to change her name to Rock Star – she looks fabulous!). 

Next, my cousin Movie Star (she looks like Dianne Kruger) and her husband Backstreet Boy came and walked (and biked) all over London Town, and I mean all over! We took them to Snog and Odonno’s for refuelling. 

Cupid visits Canada - congrats to Tallest Friend and Small Wife, who tied the knot on July 9 in Canada! We hope you had an amazing day and look forward to toasting you the next time we meet.

The Talls (and Cupid) visit Madrid – Tall Guy and I spent a weekend roasting (and eating too much) in Madrid. We caught up with friends, lunched with Abuela and Tia, and went to a wedding.

The bride looked lovely! (I think she was the only person without droopy hair and melting makeup.)

I’m glad I wore a stretchy dress (after a “grandma” lunch, which means you have to eat until the Grandma says you’re full, canapĂ© after canapĂ© at the wedding, followed by a five course dinner, I was too full, at first, to dance!).  

Permanent Guest – big news. I have a full-time job! After temping at my job for six weeks, I’m now officially a permanent member of staff. It’s exciting and wonderful.

The near future looks fairly quiet. I plan to be outside as much as possible, cook lovely fresh summer foods, check out some amazing-looking exhibits and shows around town, catch up with friends, read, crochet animals (more on that later) and basically enjoy the summer… Oh, and get rid of the ants in the kitchen, of course!

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  1. I'd love to see a pic of the back of your hair, done for the wedding!