Sunday, June 19, 2011


AND... she's back. What can I say? Visitors, work, a really not nice cold, cured in part by a cough syrup straight out of Mary Poppins, have put a damper on writing. Anyway, here I am!

Speaking of dampers, it has been raining a lot lately.

"Harrumph" you say, "no surprises there, you're in London!"

True, but we've had unseasonably warmer and drier weather this year, so a week of grey and rain did take me by surprise.However, we did need the rain, and Londoners don't let the rain, um, rain out their parade. Instead, they:

Boot it.

I am so grateful for my Hunter boots (courtesy of Tall Guy at Christmas). They keep my feet and a good part of my legs out of the water. I leave shoes at work or stuff a pair into my work tote for a change. I'm not sure why Canadians seem to relegate rain boots to children's wear. Clomping around like a four year old is worth it for the end result, not to mention loads of fun (yes, I stomp through puddles on purpose!).

Dig the trench.

There is a reason this coat has been around since WWI. It keeps you dry (and it looks great). I've got a cheery red one.

Brolly up!

I keep my umbrella (also a Christmas gift, thanks Aunt) with me at all times after learning the hard way that one never knows when a little raincloud might blow in.

Say tea!

Keep out the damp with a steaming hot cuppa, and when it really starts pouring, snuggle down with that nice cuppa and a fab book (I've just returned An Incomplete Revenge by Jacqueline Winspear, to the library. It's a fun Brit mystery series... check it out!).

Most importantly, when then sun is out, so are they. Parks fill up, restaurants and cafes spill onto patios, and there are traffic jams on sidewalks.

This evening is fresh and clear, so now I'm off to take my own advice - time for a jog!

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  1. great description of london! that's so exactly how it is...keep a brolly with you at all times, even when sunning yourself in a park!