Monday, December 6, 2010

A 6th Car Story (yes, we have another)

I'm off to London to get us a flat for the new year. I hope I have good news for you on the weekend!

Until then, I leave you with Car Story 6

Tall Guy came home for lunch on Friday, and I planned to go into town with him afterwards to spend the afternoon at the museum. When we got to the car, we were sort of boxed in again.

An angry girl who was parked beside us started talking. "Is one of those yours!??!" (I think) she asked, while pointing to Cars 3 and 4, who were parked behind us. If we had been in a parking lot, we would have driven out just fine, but we weren't. The building was in front of us, and the recycling shed to our left. The girl's car was beside us, and there seemed to be a car barrier behind us. 

A car was directly behind the girl's. With the building in front of her and a restaurant patio beside, she was completely trapped, too close to everything to be able to move. She had been stuck for a while and wasn't very happy about it. She told us she would go into the restaurant again to try to locate the owners.

Meanwhile, Tall Guy got in the car, and I, having seen this before, headed in between the two parked cars, pushing the side mirror of one car in on my way. The girl's car wasn't going anywhere, but we would have better luck. I had to try not to laugh while I was directing Tall Guy; Angry Car Girl's boyfriend was standing nearby, watching us with a look that changed from curious to completely flabbergasted as he realized what we were doing.

Tall Guy started the car, and the boyfriend jumped nervously.

Tall Guy started backing up the car, and the boyfriend started biting his thumbnail.

Tall Guy stopped, and the boyfriend sighed with relief.

Tall Guy rolled down his window, reached out his arm and closed the mirror on the car to his left. The boyfriend almost fainted.

Tall Guy finished backing out of a space barely eight centimeters wider than the car and the Angry Girl's boyfriend's eyes fell out of their sockets.

I got in the passenger side, and with a wave to the boyfriend, we were off.  


  1. wish I could have seen that...priceless!

  2. :D I have decided that while we are in England, I will always, ALWAYS have my camera with me, because you never know...