Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Walk in the Woods, or A Car Story 5

Today we wanted to get away from the boxes, bubble wrap and tape that fill our apartment and have some fun instead. We headed to the woods above Rüdesheim, one of our favourite little villages along the Rhine. As soon as we glided pulled into the parking spot, we knew we were in for some trouble:

"You know you're going to have to push the car when we leave, right?" Tall Guy asked me.

"Yeah, sure" I said.

"No, I mean really, with strength, push the car".

"Ok... let's get walking, it's cold!!"

So, we got walking. We walked for nearly two hours, and it was wonderful.

No more grapes

Defending my fort
Once we were back at the car, Tall Guy tried to back out of our downward sloping parking space. The car didn't move. He waved me over, and I started pushing. Cars are heavy, but I managed to move us back a bit, and just then a group including two strong(er than me) looking men walked by. Then they noticed what I was doing and the men came over to help. Soon we were out of the parking lot.

We drove down from the woods into Rüdesheim to have a bite to eat in the Christmas market. I had clementines and almonds in my back pack, but who was I kidding? It might have been our last opportunity to pig out in Germany. So, we had sausages and saucy mushrooms, and a giant cone of fries. Mmmmm! 

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