Wednesday, November 24, 2010

To Market, Two Markets

Giant Nativity scene in front of the Rathaus
The Wiesbaden Christmas Market opened last night with a bang (seriously, they set fireworks off from the Rathaus balcony and it looked like the place was going up in flames), so this morning I had not one, but two markets to go to - what a treat!
First, I made my way to the regular Wednesday Farmers Market (it was in the market that I first realized the population of Wiesbaden is largely made up of retired people - I count myself in this group - and young families).

Despite the lure of fresh gingerbread and gorgeous Christmas decorations in the next square, the market was as bustling as ever. The flower stands have exchanged their flowers for Advent wreathes, fern boughs and holly. Potatoes, squash and apples have taken the place of local grapes and tomatoes. The market is ready for the holidays.

Advent wreathes and greenery in the market
Mmm, I can smell the stews and baked apples already!
After I refilled my bottle at the apple cider stand, I made my way over to the Christmas market. It wasn't as busy as last night (thank goodness, because Wiesbadeners are dangerous in crowds - they try to get the best views a la Simpsons, elbowing and even kicking, and, if you get hit, it's your own fault for being in the way!), but there were still lots of people. 

Anyway, there were lots of people (retired or with young kids) in the Christmas market, taking advantage of the nice day to enjoy treats from stands selling hot cider, egg nog and mulled wine, sausages, fries, gingerbread and more. You know, you could basically give up grocery shopping until December 23rd if you lived in Wiesbaden.

Gingerbread at the Christmas Market

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