Monday, November 29, 2010

The Weekend

The one where the Talls drive to some Christmas Markets without antifreeze.

After a crazy week filled with boxes, we planned a fun weekend: the Wiesbaden market on Friday, go to Nürnburg on Saturday, and Mainz on Sunday.
The opening ceremonies for the Wiesbaden market were on Tuesday. Tall Guy had to work, so I captured the fireworks on film:

 Saturday morning was COLD. The water was frozen in the windshield washer fluid lines.

Flashback to early November: The Talls are grocery shopping, and Tall Girl sees an antifreeze display.

     Tall Girl: Hey, do you think we should get some antifreeze?
     Tall Guy: No, why?
     Tall Girl: So the water won't freeze in the lines when we want to wash the windshield.
     Tall Guy: But it's not cold yet... hey, do we need eggs?
     Tall Girl: Yes, oh, and milk.

The antifreeze forgotten for the moment, they finish shopping and then go home.

Anyway, we didn't actually make it to Nürnburg until late afternoon, too late for sightseeing. Our tardiness wasn't due to lack of antifreeze (although not being able to clean the brown splashes off the window until the car and the day warmed up a bit drove us nuts!): I was distracted by a Mexx outlet, and one pair of jeans and a sweater later, Tall Guy was distracted by a hunting store... Anyway, we did see the Christmas market, which was huge and full of people. For Tall Guy, it was a long night. A long food night, that is!

A 1/2 m bratwurst!

A chocolate-covered banana.

In Mainz we almost didn't get out of the car for lack of parking. The whole city, it seemed, had the same thought we had - nothing to do on a Sunday evening? Go to the market!

Notice the star on my head... Tall Guy's payback for all the times I try to photograph monuments and things to look like they're attached to him.

Is it just me, or is there something wrong with burning candles shaped like little angels and Jesus?

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