Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Some (English) Food for Thought...

I'm back from a weekend in London, but other than enjoying a nice hot cup of Earl Grey tea, I didn't really do anything "Londony". It was hard to focus - all I wanted to do was ride around town on a double-decker bus and visit the Queen, but Tall Guy and I were on a mission: find a neighbourhood and navigate the world of renting apartments. Basically, we walked. A lot. We did so much walking that I wore out two pairs of socks.

There are many, many options when it comes to choosing a neighbourhood in London - it's absolutely enormous! I think we'll end up somewhere in South Kensington, hopefully near the park (and...near Whole Foods. Yes, there are some Whole Foods stores in London, and I'm super-excited about that!). I'm going back in December to get us a flat, so I'll keep you posted.

Yesterday I was listening to The Current on CBC (isn't it nice that you can listen to your favourite radio programmes online?), and wouldn't you know, Anna Maria Tremonti was interviewing British chef Jamie Oliver! Click here for the interview about how he's trying to get us eating less junk, starting with school children. It's Part Two of the November 22 show.

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