Thursday, August 19, 2010

If you like taking long walks on sandy beaches...

Croatia may not be the place for you!

I´ve been to a different beach almost every day (yesterday I went to TWO!), and they are stunning, but not sandy. Many places have concrete beaches - you can jump right into the sea, and some others have small rocks. The water is crystal clear and turquoise, green and blue.

We went to a beach in Valun, on the island of Cres, that was amazing. It was a small semi circle surrounded by pine trees on mountain slopes. There was a narrow pebble beach, and then... water! You could walk in up to your ankles (probably your knees... my ankles) and then the water dropped up. I felt like the Little Mermaid, because I was swimming in clear blue water, and all of a sudden a school of little fish joined me. And then some bigger fish came. And then there was this one fish that just wouldn´t stop following me, so I got out of the water.

Yesterday was double-beach day. We went to Baska, a famous beach on the island of Krk (yes, no vowels, and no, I don´t know how to say it!), and while it was beautiful, we kind of regretted going. It was packed - towels overlapping, no place to walk, hard to get into the water because of the crowds...

In the afternoon, we arrived on the island of Rab. There are many beaches here (and some are sandy, even), and fewer people. We went for an evening swim on a beach near Lopar. First we drove up some narrow, narrow roads to a little parking lot (basically, squished grass). Then we walked down a narrow (and steep) trail, and arrived at a lovely sandy beach. It was very shallow for a long way out, and then deep all of a sudden.

This morning we´re going to check out the town of Rab (I´ll have to post pictures of the dinner we had here last night...), and then back to the beach!

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