Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sladoled Split

Or ice cream waterfall!

Ice cream and waterfalls are yesterday´s and today´s themes. We visited two national parks (Plitvicke and Krka), and both were full of waterfalls and gorgeous lakes. The water was an amazing array of blues and greens.  Plitvicke Park was an hour and a half away (along crazy twisty roads, of course) from Zadar, where we were staying, but it was worth the drive. We were alarmed at the number of cars in the parking lot and people on the trails, but we didn´t end up having to wait for any inner-park transportation (a highlight of the day was a little boat ride across and emerald green lake). Plitvicke Park boasts 16 lakes, all connected by waterfalls. Imagine 16 Lake Louises, waterfalls, rocky cliffs and dark green forests. Sigh.

Today´s park was less spectacular. Krka Park is considered to be a major tourist attraction, and I can honestly say I´m not sure why, especially after having been to Plitvicke Park. There is one trail and it takes only about 40 minutes to walk on. If you want to go further into the park, you have to pay as you go. The main attraction today was that you could swim near the bottom of the major waterfall. I felt very sorry for the lifeguard who was patrolling the boundary between the bottom of the falls and the swimming area... He needed a Fox 40 whistle and about three other helpers.

Tall Guy and a Banana Split
Hiking for six hours and swimming by a waterfall really build up an appetite, so we went a little nuts with the ice cream. Coconut is still my favourite flavour, but I tried sour cherry, since it´s a Croatian treat, and it wasn´t bad either. Tall Guy still sticks with banana and chocolate, or tutti frutti if he can find it.

Now we´re off to find some Sladoled in Split...

TTFN - Ta Tall for Now!

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