Thursday, October 8, 2015

Day 8: Three cupolas

When I´m somewhere else, taking in the beauty of a city, I often wonder if the locals are aware of what they have. Does it get old, walking past the Louvre every day? Is the Bilbao Gugenheim a blur in the background of a daily commute? For me, in Madrid, the Royal Palace never gets old, but I can´t say I pay the same amount of attention to the buildings in my neighbourhood. Every once in a while, I snap into "holiday mode" and something catches my eye.

Today´s stop, Plaza de Antón Martin. I walk by here at least twice a week, and I´ve never really paid attention to the buildings until now. Let´s take a look:
two lovely domes, and some decorative background clouds

totally unnecessary but lovely to look at
my favourite, the easter egg dome

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