Thursday, October 22, 2015

Day 22: Neither Up nor Down

(Teeny Little Super Guy loves that song, The Grand Old Duke of York.) 

There are some things that you don´t see if you don´t look up. You can walk right on by and miss so much. Even shops... 

I noticed Rangoon a few weeks ago, and finally went in today. 

"Have you been here long?"
 "Five years!"


If you´re walking by, talking to a friend or looking at your baby, you can miss it. If you´re looking up, you might look too high at the fabulously decorated balconies on the apartment building and miss it. You see, it´s neither up nor down. You have to look, well, halfway up. It´s between floors. The Spanish have a lovely word for this - entreplantas.

Definitely one of my new staple stores, this place is filled with, umm, staples. Lots of neutral colours, but also on-trend geometric and tribal prints. Dresses, trousers, tops, belts (I love belts!), bracelets... AND it has a fabulous change room - there is silver velvet couch and you enjoy a complimentary hot beverage as you flip through one of dozens of current fashion magazines for inspiration. 

Free drinks? A change room the size of a small apartment? Did you win the lottery - we thought you were on leave? Despite the exclusive atmosphere and carefully curated selection, there are no sky-high surprises on the price tags. Hooray!

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