Thursday, October 15, 2015

Day 15: 'hood ornament

We had a great day yesterday - it was crisp and clear, so we walked to mom and baby music class for some fun with Amy Jo (people with kids in Madrid, check these classes out! Super Guy loved it!), and we had a nice autumnal lunch of salmon with roasted root vegetables. A nap, some play time - the latest game is sock removal - and a late afternoon stroll around the neighbourhood. 

Today's snapshot is of our neighbourhood angel. I've noticed the angel often, and of course the church it is attached to, but I didn't know its name until yesterday! I couldn't find much information about the Parish of the Holiest Victorious Christ, and nothing about the angel itself. The church is fairly new (mid 20th century) and is in the Francoist style. It kind of looks like an oil tanker. It isn't even close to one of my favourite buildings in Madrid, but I do like the angel. It's kind of cool walking by, knowing he stands up there, proudly trumpeting the Good News to the neighbourhood.

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