Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Day 14: In or Out

Moving. I am not a fan. I don´t even like packing for a weekend away, let alone packing up the entire contents of my house! International shipping, deciding what goes and what, well, goes, recording what is where, storage facilities, unpacking... let´s throw in apartments with tiny lifts and stairwells that don´t allow for a good pivot.  How do you get a super king mattress and "American" fridge up to the fifth floor? What a nightmare! I´m ready to roll up in a ball on the floor just thinking about it.

Gets me every time
only funny when it´s not you

Fortunately, that´s where the portable moving lift comes in! Not specific to Madrid, but this is the first place I ever saw one, and I still think it´s pretty cool:

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