Monday, October 13, 2014

Journey to Teaching: Taiwan

I've asked some fellow teacher-friends to share their journeys to teaching. Today's journey really is a journey: Teaching in Taiwan, by Michelle. Thanks, Michelle!


Why did I start in the first place?
After seeing and hearing all of my cousin’s stories from teaching abroad I knew this was for me. She was able to travel and explore Asia, experiencing many different cultures and gaining great life experiences. This continued to be my goal throughout high school and university. Then during University I travelled around South Africa, London, Paris and Amsterdam, which only amplified my desire to continue exploring the world.  When I graduated University I began applying to schools abroad so I could not only travel but also work at the same time. My boyfriend and I applied to schools in Indonesia, Thailand and Japan but  we weren't getting offers in the financial range we were looking for. Then, after receiving an offer from a school in Taiwan, and doing more research into the country, we knew Taiwan was perfect for us.  Taiwan has a modern and liberal culture, beautiful scenery, accessibility to other countries and higher wages.
Why have I stuck with it?
Who thought I would enjoy teaching so much? I enjoy working with kids and watching their English skills grow. I even enjoy putting the effort forth to plan interesting lessons for each day. It is a very rewarding and fulfilling job that I enjoy doing every day. And it doesn't hurt that I am able to travel the world on my holidays and even save money. Last year we travelled to Australia, New Zealand and Thailand and this year we have our hopes on travelling to Indonesia, Cambodia and Japan! It’s an exciting and life changing experience that I wouldn't trade for the world. 

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