Monday, October 27, 2014

Journey to Teaching: School at Home

Today's guest is a dear friend of mine who transitioned from teaching at school to teaching at home. One of the most thoughtful, organized and dedicated teachers I know, I hope you enjoy Emily's journey to teaching:

What you teach:

I started teaching in a Christian elementary school, and now I teach my own three children at home. We use a wide variety of materials and experiences to cover all subject areas.

Why you started:

I've always loved teaching. It's in my blood. I chose to home educate because I wanted to provide higher quality education, social interactions, emotional stability, security learning opportunities, moral training, sense of identity, and use of time than I believe traditional school settings can provide. 

the home schoolers at the end of their local library's summer reading programme

What you love about it now:

I love it that our family is very close knit. We love being together and experiencing life together. I love it that I am privileged to witness learning and growth in my children, and that we can celebrate milestones and achievements together. I love spending each day with these three interesting and brilliant people.

Why you keep doing it:

Conviction. Although I sometimes struggle with feelings of inadequacy, or with patience, or fatigue, I do not doubt that my children are right where they are supposed to be. I am convicted, and I trust that our hard work, prayers, and sacrifice will result in healthy, intelligent, well-adjusted, productive, compassionate and independent followers of Jesus.

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