Monday, February 4, 2013

A Second Snapshot

Akkk!! It's FEBRUARY!!! I really, honestly, cannot believe it. Have I been true to my word of the year for a month? I try, and following HopefulLeigh's model, once again here's what I've been up to:

What I'm Into at HopefulLeigh

On my nightstand: India is on the bookshelf at the moment. La bailarina y el ingles, by Emelio Calderón. Spanish, ovbi, but about colonial English in India. It’s a mystery, and I loooooooove mysteries. It doesn't seem to be translated, hmmm... maybe another action project? The Kashmir Shawl, by Rosie Thomas, an enjoyable if unbelievable read about a shawl that worked its way from a Welsh missionary in Kashmir to a great granddaughter in Wales, who takes it back to the its rightful owner and on the way, meets the love of her life, also a descendant of one of the missionaries' friends. Right. Next up is A Walk Across the Sun by Corban Addison. Also... Chatelaine magazines! I got a subscription for Christmas, and it is SO nice to sit in the sunny living room with a cup of coffee reading English magazines.

On TV: Saber y Ganar – Know and Win. I am one hundred percent addicted to this lunchtime game show. I started watching it when I was here the first time, nearly 11 years ago (yikes!). It’s a general (and obscure) knowledge show, with a “human calculator” and a “human dictionary” test. SO FUN!

On my MP3: This crazy mashup. Paolo Conte, who reminds me of Leonard Cohen. Coldplay, because you can never listen to too much Coldplay.

In my browser: Pinterest. I know I know, you’re over it, but I still think it’s fab and this month I’ve gone a bit nuts pinning biscotti recipes. Which means I’ve gone a bit nuts making biscotti, so it’s not all bad.

On my plate: Biscotti... Vegetable stew, judias verdes (a green bean casserole with Spanish ham, tomato sauce and hard-boiled eggs), salad.

In my mug: coffee!!! President's Choice French Vanilla roast, a maple roast I got for Christmas, and a Guatemalan coffee from a cool coffee (bean) shop by our house.

On my mind: FABULOUS memories from a weekend spent catching up with friends in London, and bathroom reno plans. 

In my agenda: Hitting up a yoga class. Lunch at a friend's house in the sierra. Some TV and book time with Tall Guy.

On my to-do list: Take my sewing machine for a test run now that it’s finally here. AND it's red. Yep, a red sewing machine. Almost too cool to use.

In my heart: The unemployed in Spain, especially young people who were expecting to find work after working hard at school and who've now been floating around for a few years feeling a bit lost, disjointed, hopeless and even angry.


  1. So happy you got a sewing machine! I'm sure you will get ideas and inspiration from the Tea Rose Home blog.

  2. Glad to see we are 'on your mind'! Fabulous weekend indeed! x