Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A little less conversation...

Only one word is needed. One word to set the tone of 2013. A guide, a compass for the year of which the first month is nearly over, and I still have not shared my word!

For 2012, I chose savour, and it was a great word for last year: I got married, and when people say your wedding day goes by in a flash, they’re not kidding! But I took savour to heart and relished in the planning and running around like a semi-crazy person, and finally in the day itself.

I savoured every last one of my days in London, and then I spent the fall in our new home in Madrid, savouring time not working, which was more difficult than one would think! On the upside, I had time to organize our flat, plant a garden, and play with my awesome kitchen toy, the Vitamix.

I read 52 books. Normally, I rush through novels. I devour them. This year I took it easy and really read what was on each page. I made notes. I looked up references. I read up on the authors. And I even managed not to read the end of some before I got there...

I ended the year by savouring a Spanish Christmas, and let me tell you, having a word to focus on helped combat homesickness: Better to enjoy new traditions and share mine than to lament about being away from the land of snow and real Christmas trees!

All in all, 2012 was a very full, rich, good year, and I intend to keep that rolling in 2013, albeit with a new word.

You see, sometimes I'll have a great idea and.... that’s it. It stays as an idea.

Or I see a recipe to try and never get farther than mentioning it to Tall Guy.

Maybe I find a new activity to try (I’ve had my eye on acro-yoga), should catch up with an old friend, or want to redecorate.

The intention is there, but not the....


So 2013 is all about getting on with it. Making things happen. Trying things out. Doing.

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  1. Savour was a very good word for you in 2012.
    And 2013 is for Action! A great word. Take action. I want to see some action around here. I can act on that. All kinds of phrases come to mind.
    As you have shared your word, I will share mine. For several years, my word was "believe." Amazing how it has worked.
    My new word has been cooking in my mind since early December. It had to simmer so I could decide if it would be a good fit and if I can do it.
    Here it is...
    "Practise Kindness"