Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Leftover Love-Hate Relationship

Tall Guy hates leftovers. I love them. He thinks they’re boring. I think they’re useful and time-saving. Sometimes you want to come home and eat something really good without having to make it, and you don’t want that something to be a frozen pizza.

So, we eat leftovers, but I try to repurpose them, or at least jazz them up, for Tall Guy’s palette.

We had chili the other day. Really good chili. It's easy, but no one makes two-bowl chili. I made enough for six servings, so we had plenty of leftovers. We ate a third, a third went into the freezer (I’m trying to re-stock up on incredible edibles - I love a full freezer), and the remaining third went into Tex-Mex salad, one of Tall Guy’s favourites.

I used the Vita-Mix to whip up some guacamole. The colour is more red than usual, probably because I used very red tomatoes and blended until very smooth. The Vita-Mix recipe suggests blending until chunky, but who wants chunky guacamole? Not us! I left it in for about 30 seconds. That’s it.

Then, I used some of the guacamole to dress mixed greens, which I topped with the reheated hot chili.

On top of that, I sprinkled some cheese and added a dollop of Greek yogurt and a spoonful of guacamole.

Flavour: Fresh, but I prefer my own guacamole recipe (which includes garlic. You know you're turning Spanish when you want garlic in everything!).

Ease: Very easy, and it was easy to clean up as well – the Vita-mix blends the avocado very well, so no oil needed.

Make-again: Guacamole in the Vita-mix, yes, but with my own recipe.


  1. And then there is the best leftover chili recipe ever - Chili Dogs with cheese!

    1. No!! I like my hot-dog with mayo, mustard and fried onions. Yum! :)