Thursday, October 18, 2012

How to cook your favourite meal without your husband thinking you are nine

A childhood meal that has been popping into my head a lot recently is grilled cheese sandwiches and mushroom soup. Specifically, white bread with cheese slices and canned cream of mushroom soup.

It will do in a pinch, but it's not exactly the most healthful, refined, adult meal one could make for one's new husband.

So I mixed it up.

First, the soup:

Very conveniently, supermarkets here sell bags of flash-frozen mixed mushrooms. I used a 500g five-variety bag. I heated up some olive oil and butter (because even olive oil is better with butter), sauteed a diced onion, and added the bag of mushrooms.

Once they had started thawing, I added some vegetable stock. After boiling and slightly cooling, I poured the whole lot into the Vitamix and gave it a good whirl.

Back into the pot, and I added pepper, salt, and 200mL of cream (no need to add cream - it was already super smooth from the mixer, but I like cream. So I added it.).

On to the grilled cheese:

Obviously, no white bread for me! A nice, dark, grainy loaf goes nicely with the soup. Buttered on one side, the other spread with homemade mayo laced with mustard (grainy Dijon, of course). Layered with finely sliced turkey breast and crispy, thin apple. Topped with a slice of Edam, and grilled until the butter is golden brown.

A spoonful of hot, creamy soup, and a bite of crispy, melty sandwich.

Nothing childish about that.

Have you made over a favourite childhood meal?

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