Monday, August 13, 2012

Who stole the tarts?

In less than two weeks from today, Tall Guy and I are getting married!

To kick off of the celebrations, my mom, aunt and cousins threw me a shower. It was great fun spending the day with so many friends and family members, but also a little strange - while I have been showers, of course I had not been to one for me!

fancy a spot of tea?
Thank you to my mom and aunt for all of the food, even though at first we couldn't find the tarts. Don't worry, they weren't stolen, so I didn't chop off any heads - they were just in the fridge. Phew!

cucumber and cream cheese. you can't get more english than that.

peanut butter squares, my favourites, made by grandma

Thank you to my cousins for making and decorating amazing cupcakes. They were incredible!
amazing alice cupcakes

Thank you to Renaissance Woman for capturing the memories!
it's a gravy boat!

And thank you to everyone for coming - I had an amazing time!
thank you!

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