Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hockey / Ondaatje

Two and a Half Things Canadians Do in the Summer:

1) they go to ice hockey games.Now, I can't say I'm the biggest ice-hockey fan, but my brother was playing. And, conveniently, this ice rink was in a shopping mall. Clearly these people know how to get a girl hooked on the sport. I shopped. I sat in the food court to enjoy the game. I went to Tim Horton's without leaving the building.)

way to go, bro - he shot and scored!

1 1/2) they stay at said game until the end to watch the zamboni clean the ice.

nice ice, baby

2) they go to book readings by their favourite author. And then they line up and for said author to autograph their favourite book. And hopefully their favourite book is by the same author.

michael ondaatje signing the cat's table and the english patient. he wrote both of them.


  1. Cool that you got to meet the author of your favorite book. I loved The English Patient. Anyway, I enjoy reading your posts and I mentioned your blog on mine today. I have three followers, so I am afraid you will not become an instant celebrity. But your humor is very uplifting and I appreciate it.

    Stop by and take a look if you get a chance:

    1. Hi Frances,

      Thanks for the kind words! The English Patient is my favourite book! I just finished The Cat's Table, and highly recommend it.

      I have checked out your blog, and you and your trees are amazing!!
      Tall Readers, check out Frances' trees on