Saturday, July 14, 2012

In the Eye of the Beholder

The one where Tall Girl trashes or treasures things that came with her flat.

Tall Guy: Well, it's no Vermeer. Tall Girl: Agreed.
At the top of my list of things to do to get our new home ready for married life was, obviously, unpacking. Little did I know that the first things I would unpack would not be my own...

Tall Guy had told me that the flat was "pretty filled up with old lady things". I took this to mean furniture. And it's true. We are not lacking in the chintzy chair department. Little did I know that, apart from half a dozen gilt-framed mirrors, I had also gained boxes and closets overflowing with elderly goodies. A flat AND a giant glass fish? What a bargain!

You won't find that at Laura Ashley...
It's a little bit weird - the old lady lived here years ago, and until we bought it, it had been rented out. I don't understand where those people stored their things. Although who needs one's own things when one has a giant double-Jesus statue?

Jesus: Past and Present
Or these coffee cups? So bad they're good. And there are twelve more where those came from! At least I'll be prepared for when a troupe of Oompa-Loompas come over for dessert.

Sextagonal coffee cups: Spills guaranteed.
Or this red glowy lamp? Maybe I could use it for Christmas and Valentine's Day.

Bad mood lighting or bad-mood lighting?
It hasn't been a total trash trip though, and fortunately, we've come across some pretty useful things: We've got two sets of mismatched china to use until ours comes out of storage. We have enough cutlery to last until our third anniversary without washing any. The linen closet was filled with brand new towels, the washing machine is fairly new, and of course we're keeping this scraggly Christmas tree. Score!

Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown.

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