Monday, July 9, 2012

Checking out

The car is on its way to pick me up. My flight leaves at 12:40. Check out is at 10. It’s time to go. It’s time to leave London, and I’m a little bit sad.
Obviously I want to see Tall Guy. And of course I am excited about the wedding! And the honeymoon. And the new flat in Madrid. There are, in fact, a lot of things I’m looking forward to. But I will miss London, my second city.
It’s time to go, and I'm a little bit sad, but I think I’m ready. I’ve moved around enough to know that I hate leaving, and I've developed a technique to make it, if not easy, well, less difficult: I check out.

I’ve been checking out of London little by little over the past few weeks, saying goodbye to people and places, doing things “one last time". Oh, I know I’ll come back to visit, but it won’t be the same.

So I’ve gone to my favourite cafe for one last cappuccino. One last visit with Strathvegas. One last dinner with the girls. One last jog along the river and over Albert Bridge (my favourite). One last afternoon alone at the V&A.
And as I’ve been checking out of London, I’ve been checking in to Madrid. Breakfast date with Americana? In the diary. Lunch with Hilarious? Day one. A jog around Parque del Oueste? Of course! (With the dog? Not likely.) Choosing paint colours and looking at renovation plans for the kitchen? Can’t wait! Doing all of this in the sun and heat of summer? Yes please!
It’s still sad to go. But it’s exciting to think of what’s ahead.

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  1. Checking out. I know we have discussed this before. It happens in Grade 8, and the last year of high school. And maybe even when finishing that last course in a post-secondary programme. We detach; it makes the leaving easier.
    Fortunately, you have had the time to complete some of the circles in London - to reach a level of satisfaction that you have closed up or completed some of the things you have loved while living there.
    I smiled on reading about your "flat" in Madrid. Also happy you are having lunch with Hilarious (what a good name for her!)
    And yes, there is always a lot of excitement ahead!