Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hairy Birthday!

It was my birthday last month, and it was pretty fabulous. It started with a lovely breakfast at home with Tall Guy, complete with champagne and orange juice, and even a birthday card full of cash.

Happy Birthday to me!

Then I went for a peas-full lunch at Hummus Bros (hardy-har-har) with my lovely work friends, where we had free dessert (woohoo!), a post-work birthday cocktail with Chippy, after which I went to meet Tall Guy at the Ritz for the last sitting of afternoon tea. Yum! We sat next to the gold fountain, which is behind the palm tree and my giant hair. 

Somewhere in there I managed to get a birthday hair do. Tall Guy’s reaction when we found each other at the Ritz? “You look like the past!” I did. And it was awesome.

The Day of Food was followed by Friday night on the town, complete with cupcakes (courtesy of Cupcake, of course,  who is the best cupcake maker* in the world), a massage, a parade of sparklers, a VIP lounge and a novelty saxophonist, fab hair still intact at 3a.m, thank you very much.

Contrary to popular belief, Tall Girl does sometimes let her hair down (although in this case, it was up, and thus only down metaphorically).

Thanks, Tall Guy and Ladies, for making the turning of the year an unforgettable one!

*If you're in the London area and need/want cupcakes, check out Cuppidy Cakes on Facebook, or click here. YUM!!!

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