Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Triple Treat Tuesday (!!!)

Disclaimer: if you're reading this whilst at work, wishing you were elsewhere, you may become jealous...


Firstly, I did not have to work today. (!)

Secondly, Vegariffic and I spent the morning chilling out at the pool. (!!)

Thirdly, once we'd worked up an appetite swimming lengths in the pool and gabbing volumes in the whirlpool and sauna, we had lunch at Saf, a fab vegetarian restaurant. (!!!)

Vegariffic and the Asian wrap

Tall Girl and the Mediterranean wrap
We had wraps (as you can see) with a side of kimpura, a tasty carrot and kelp stir-fry.

And THEN (yes, there is more), we had amazing raw desserts.

would you like some rawsome cake with that cappuccino?
And... (this is the last thing, I promise!) we had a 20%-off coupon.

Told you you'd be jealous!


  1. That slice of cake looks rawmazing!!! :)

    1. It really was - the chocolate-nut crust was really good, and the dehydrated oranges made it extra special!