Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Word

2011 in a word? Explore.

I checked out a new city (and country), tried out several jobs, went on many a culinary adventure, started a new activity (yoga), read heaps of different authors, got lost in museums, made new friends and travelled to new places. I even started learning a new language! It really has been a year of exploring.

I’ll keep it up for 2012 - I think “explore” is more of a life-theme for me – but January´s nearly over, and I´m still on the lookout for a word to give some focus to the year.

I know there’ll be lots of planning (the wedding) and lots of making (appointments, invitations, time for myself), and I hope there will be lots of excelling (at work, in relationships, in activities).

Plan? Make? Excel?

Or savour.

You know when you go somewhere for a weekend, and you take a load of pictures, and then you come home and wonder, “did I really see all that?” Or you get to the end of a book, and you´ve kind of forgotten part of the story?

I know that 2012 will fly by. Most years have a habit of doing that. But this is a year I especially want to remember.


I´ll try.


  1. I think savour is a good word. Good for any year, any good experience, but particularly appropriate for this year.

    1. Yes! I think I've settled on savour.