Monday, January 30, 2012

When Tall Guy´s away...

Tall Girl will play!

(Or, The five senses of my girl-weekend)
Taste: Whatever I fancied, whenever I fancied it!
-fresh, homemade spring rolls (OK, some were spring clumps, because I got a bit tired of wrapping them up at the end. They sort of looked like sad Asian burrito wannabes. But the first two looked perfect!). And a huge pot of porridge. For dinner. Popcorn with peanut butter, French-vanilla cappuccinos, zucchini "pasta", and raw vegan brownies.

See: Paintings. Lots and lots of paintings. I spent a happy afternoon in the National Gallery's Impressionism wing, where the people-watching was also pretty good.

Feel: Cozy and full after a pub lunch and a good long chinwag with an expat gal pal.

Hear: Enja. And a fake waterfall. While having a facial. That included a back massage.  

Smell: Chamomile tea, a toasted scone, and "new book" (a Christmas gift, appropriately named "Winter").

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