Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Supermarket Hiatus

You know when you’re at the grocery store, and there’s a buy-one, get-one free deal on? Or even a buy-on, get-half-off deal? 3 bags of almonds for the price of ONE? Clearing strawberries? Great! But then, you get home and you remember you have dinner plans: you’re going out, your ordering in, you’re at a friend’s place.

And then there are the times you ask your partner to pick up a lemon on his way home from work, and while he does come home with said lemon, said lemon is in the company of 6 kilos of red lentils, 3 dozen chicken breasts and 6 cans of black beans (and he doesn’t even like black beans).
 “Um…. We didn’t really need that stuff…” “But it was ON SALE”.

So, maybe you use a couple of chicken breasts and a cup of lentils. You eat strawberries and almonds for a snack for four days in a row. And the rest gets frozen and pushed to the back of the cupboard. Not even the good cupboard – it goes to the back of that one in the corner that you can’t really get into. And you swear it won’t happen again. But it does. And the freezer gets fuller. And the cupboards are disorganized. And you don’t really know what’s in either.
So you go on a Cupboard Safari, or Pantry Diving, or Freezer Finding. Whatever you call it, we’ve been doing it for the past little while. We ditched the grocery store, and we’re surviving. Actually, we’re thriving. We bought some fresh produce (from a market), but other than that, we’ve spent zero pounds in supermarkets, and instead we’ve been eating wonderful meals made with things we already had on hand:
Golden dal, turkey meatball soup, chicken kadai and brown basmati rice, almond flour gingerbread cookies, homemade pizza, turkey soup (with homemade stock) and fruity coconut milk smoothies.
And not grocery shopping meant found time, which meant an extra body pump class, a run in our little park, visiting with friends, and a tea-and-Wuthering Heights-filled afternoon.

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