Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My eyes, my eyes!

They’re here! At the Dulwich Picture Gallery, I give you... TT and the GROUP of SEVEN in the FLESH!

Nope, not a rock band. And “in the flesh” is, well, pushing it. “In the canvas” is more like it.

What’s up, you ask?

A whole bunch of really Canadian art is up. On the walls. In the Dulwich Picture Gallery. And, for for the reasonable price of £8 pounds - £4 if you’re a student (or a charming Tall Girl), you too can see art by Tom Thompson and the Group of Seven artists!

Tall Guy and I did just that last weekend - we spent a damp, grey afternoon, happily (depending on which one of us you ask) wandering around the solid survey exhibition of the Tom and the Boys (too bad Emily couldn’t be there, but do check her out as well).

I saw some well-loved icons (Jack Pine) as well as some hidden gems, on loan from private collectors. Tall Guy was amazed that the gallery was so crowded. “Minus the trees, that could be Iceland” he said of Mirror Lake, “and that could be Germany”, of another. Maybe that’s true, and maybe that’s part of the reason why people like these paintings – you can connect with them. You get drawn in to the wilderness.

I have to admit, the eavesdropping listening was almost as good as the art: lots of comments from people who had travelled to Canada, “that’s really what it’s like!” “they’ve captured the magic of the landscape!” “sigh. Canada is so beautiful!” (ain't that the truth!)

Dulwich is farther afield but well worth the visit. The gallery is small, perfect for digesting in an afternoon. The grounds are lovely for a little wander, and you can warm up over a cappuccino and an artsy chat in the gallery’s café. All in all, a good introduction to some iconic Canadian artists (enough to suck you in and get you checking out more). They go home on 8 January, so don’t miss out!

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  1. How nice for a prominent Canadian exhibit to be seen in Britain! I love the Group of favourite is Lawren Harris. A bit jealous that you saw Mirror Lake. Thanks for sharing this!