Saturday, May 14, 2011

Telephone Tunes and Friday for the Call Girl

Friday, Friday... yep, you know what song I'm singing!

Gak, it's catchy, but I really don't like that I kind of like it!

At least it took its time crossing the pond, and it has therefore spent less time in my ear.

Actually, it's the video that bothers me the most... why are those kids driving? At least the lyrics aren't trashy, and they're dressed like cute kids as opposed to um, call girls.

Speaking of music, you'd be surprised at the variety you hear when you're a call girl - hey, I'm a Tall Girl Call Girl! (Happy Birthday, Dad!)

Let me explain: This week I've been manning talling the phones at a publishing house. Apart from answering questions, facilitating renewals, chasing payments, and establishing calls, I've heard a lot of music (this means I've spent a lot of time on hold).

Here's a roundup:
  • Eine Kleine Nachtmusik. A lot of times. And I never got past the first few measures. 
  • Electronic "Greensleeves". You'd think the Brits would know better - no good can come of this!
  • A Chinese radio program that introduced Brian Adams "Everything I Do". The person I was calling accidentally hung up, and then I couldn't get a clear line, so it was more like "Everything I don't do".
  • 8 Days a Week, courtesy of a Czech law firm. Hmmm. An interesting choice, but not surprising, since Beatles tunes were prohibited there until not so long ago. And kind of appropriate, because by the time my call went through, I kinda felt like it was the 8th day of the week...
  • Bridge to nowhere. While I'm all for supporting Canadian musicians, this is not exactly motivating to hear from an investment bank.
  • Electronic Moonlight Sonata... Why - WHY?
  • Lady Gaga's Born this Way, an interesting choice for a pharmaceutical company.
  • Tchaicovsky's 1812 overture - um, way to go French accountants?
  • Chariots of Fire. On a loop. Good call, oil company! Err...
  • "Hey, you're Canadian!" - music to my ears, I was "recognized"
Naturally, I've saved the best for last.
  • Someone humming. Gotta love Italians.

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  1. Friday, Friday. It IS a catchy tune, and sadly, one that lingers in my ears too. Your notes about the on-hold music took me back to a previous job, where it seemed I spent hours each day on hold. So long each time that I often became caught up in the music and when someone finally answered, I had to quickly gather my thoughts and remember who I was calling and why.