Saturday, May 14, 2011

Congratulations, you've won a free cruise!

Why not take a few minutes out of your hectic week to go on a cruise? Vicariously, that is, courtesy of my aunt.
Actually, now it is Friday. I posted this on Wednesday - I know I'm not crazy because my mom commented on it! - but then it just DISAPPEARED, along with some text... perhaps it cruised around the Bermuda Triangle!
Anyway, just imagine yourself...

...touching the soft, warm, Caribbean sand and saltwater.

...seeing the men's belly flop contest, Rosehall Mansion, the sexiest man alive (woohoo!), a shipboard ice skating show, outdoor markets at Labadee, and... the sight of snow after landing in Detroit - blah to that last one! 

...smelling the salt air, a freshly made omelette with bacon and sausage, tropical hand sanitizer, and a barbecued lunch at Labadee.

...listening to music by KoolVibes that makes you want to dance, hearing the relaxing sound of crashing waves, relaxed island music, and the music and dance at the evening shows on board.

May the rest of your week be filled with sunny thoughts.

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  1. and ... tasting... cherries jubilee, roast duck, grilled fish, belgian waffles, crispy bacon, tons of fresh fruit.