Monday, April 18, 2011

Snow and the Perfect Purse

The White Way of Delight (or should I say, The Woit Woy of Deloit...)
No snow here, unless you count the pink and white "flower snow" that is drifting down from the cherry trees. So for all of you in my hometown (where, unseasonably, there IS snow), live vicariously and enjoy the spring through these pictures!

The very tranquil Japanese Garden
Tall Guy, Freunde (a German friend of ours) and I visited Kew Gardens on Saturday. Tall Guy was a bit skeptical at first - of all of London's free parks and gardens, I arranged to spend the day at one that costs...15 pounds! At the end of the day (11-5), we all agreed it was worth it. The gardens were beautiful, interesting, and wonderfully perfumed.  

Kew Palace

Garden Pond Eels

We started the day with a guided introductory tour, paused for a picnic (Camembert and bacon on crusty baguette, roast beef and vegetables on whole grain, strawberries, and freshly-baked pear walnut muffins - I love picnics!), and meandered through about two thirds of the gardens (Kew is HUGE!) before calling it a day. We'll go back in the fall to check out the new colours.

The Talls... almost tree-sized.

The Princess of Wales Greenhouses

We've got bluebells!

Alpine House, a cool air greenhouse for alpine plants

Tall Guy before I woke him up by tickling his face with a leaf...I think it's hometime!
 While the gardens were lovely, the big news of the weekend is that I found a purse - finally! You know when you have a favourite bag, and you know you need to replace it - the zipper doesn't work, the handles are broken, and it just looks worn - but you just can't find a worthy replacement? I've been on a purse-mission for weeks, and finally, FINALLY, yesterday afternoon, I found "the one". I found it at Debenhams, a department store that's turning into a reliable favourite. We were there, actually, to buy... a DIFFERENT bag! After a second look, I wasn't convinced. When I was just about ready to give up (I'll NEVER find a bag!), I saw this one...

It's a good size (big enough for a book and my essentials, but not big enough to load up with so much crap it weighs me down), a good colour (soft grey), and it has good straps (it can be a shoulder/arm bag or a cross-body bag). While I'm not quite ready to toss the old favourite, I am excited about this new bag. I'll put it to the test later this week while travelling in Scotland...


  1. Hey, go back and put one on layaway for your mom.