Sunday, April 10, 2011

Just Me and My Mom

Tall Girl's mother came to the big city for a spring visit. The visit reminded Tall Girl of a Little Critter book (she loved Little Critter books as a child) called Just Me and My Mom.

On the first day, the Talls took Tall Girl's mom for a long walk. They took in the great view from Tall Guy's work. They ate lunch at the Borough Market. They walked along the river to Embankment, and then their feet were tired, so they took the tube home. (Future visitors take warning: The Talls walk. A lot.) Tall Girl's mom brought her some birthday presents. Tall Guy hid them since it's not her birthday yet, and she probably would have tried to peak.

On the second day, they took the train to Oxford! Tall Girl's mom had always wanted to go there, AND it was Mothering Sunday in the UK, AND Tall Girl saw a neat bird house, so it was an extra special day. In Oxford, they followed in the footsteps of C.S. Lewis, marvelled at many things in the Ashmolean Museum and enjoyed Sunday Roast at a pub.

a bird with its own balcony!

The Radcliffe Camera
On Monday, Tall Girl and her mom got lost in the Barbican, saw pidgeons eating butter, sang "Feed the Birds" at St. Paul's, and checked out the Tate Modern. At the Tate, Tall Girl started feeling weird, and worrying that if she were sick, she would have do it discreetly into her handbag, but Tall Guy's camera was in there (because the only reason that would have a been a bad plan was the camera). Instead, Tall Girl's mom took her home for a rest.

On Tuesday, Tall Girl and her mom went shopping at Harrod's (they got in despite the strict dress code), spent three hours (!!) in the V&A (there are 11km of exhibits to explore, but they also have collapsible stools for visitors to carry around, so Tall Girl took one and plopped herself down in front of everything she wanted to look at), walked up to Hyde Park and the Albert Memorial, popped over to Kensington Palace, and went to Marks & Sparks. They had planned on going to the Food Hall (they love browsing in foreign grocery stores), but they decided to have tea instead.

 On Wednesday, Tall Girl and her mom took their morning constitutional in Tall Girl's garden. Then they went to see some royal sights. They snapped shots of Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square and the National Gallery. They spent quite a while in M&S, where they each found something new and no one got lost (Tall Girl got lost in a Valdi's once, and it scarred her for life). Finally, they had tea at Tall Girl's favourite cafe.

tea and an almond croissant at Cafe Buen Gusto
In the evening, Tall Girl and her mom enjoyed a Spanish supper cooked by Tall Guy (un revuelto de huevos y chistorra). Then it was time for Tall Girl's mom to pack her suitcase! and the next morning, Tall Girl took her mom to the train. The visit was over; Tall Girl and her mom had a good time!

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  1. It was a GREAT visit. The highlights? The Tate, St., Paul's (just to sing Feed the Birds on site), Oxford!, the Victoria and Albert, Kensington Gardens and Kensington Palace, Harrod's, Marks & Sparks, seeing familiar sites and most of all, visiting with The Talls.