Friday, March 18, 2011

Pretty Little Things

Natural History Museum Part 2

I am easily swept away by grandeur: My breath is taken away by an old growth forest, ruins of an ancient monestary silence me and a gorgeous renaissance palace is cause for marvel. But what about the little things? A beautiful spoon in a hotel dining room. A local's stunning hat.  A tiny, perfect daffodil growing undisturbed by the roadside.

So it is in life as in life's microcosm, the museum: we flock to the dinosaurs, stand in line for hours to get tickets to a blockbuster exhibit, stare for hours (ok, minutes), pressed up against other tourists, at that famous painting (what's the artist's name?). Again I ask, what about the little things? Look to the left of the dinosaur, turn your eye away from the gilt, just a quarter turn, wander into that uncrowded room, and you might just see something that floors you.

Here it is, a roundup of some of the Natural History Museums small but spectacular objects (the last one is the best). Enjoy! 

Dalmanites myops, commonly known as "cool little fossil".

I'd say four dozen would be enough for dinner

Shells... the size of my pinky nail.

Alexandrite, the gem that changes from green to red in the light, raw and polished.
Tiny diamonds from... stardust!

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