Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Big is Beautiful

Natural History Museum Part 1

Wow. This place is INSANE! I went on a Monday morning and stayed well into the afternoon, weaving my way between hoards of excited (and sometimes scared) school groups and other visitors to get a closer look at some of the super cool dinosaurs, er, I mean, exhibitions. 

This museum is enormous (it has to be, to fit all of this giant stuff inside!) and warrants at least an afternoon visit to check out the highlights.

The animated T-rex exhibit captivated a group of primary school students.

Slow and steady wins the race... or squishes the competition.

Some really big whales, even for whales.

Albertasaurus - Go Canada!

Grandma, what big hands you have!

Antlers longer than I am tall. I don't think these were Bambi's.


  1. Oh! I want to go to this museum.

  2. Check back soon for more pictures. You'll want to go even more!