Monday, February 28, 2011

Another one bites the dust...

Another weekend, that is!

Note the pumpkin dumpling on the left
We kicked things off with a late Friday lunch/ early dinner at Yauatcha, a pretty hip Chinese restaurant. To put things in perspective, we made reservations two weeks ago... Anyway, we ordered a Taste of Yauatcha (the most economical way to eat there - 28.88 for two people), and it was tasty!

We started with three baked dumplings (one looked like a tiny pumpkin, so of course I had Tall Guy pose for a picture). Then came a basket of steamed dumplings (the scallop one was AMAZING). Next, a basket of steamed rolls (the least yummy, but still good, dish we sampled). To finish off, a fabulous roll, soft on the outside, lined with crispy bean paste but gooey in the middle. Yum! My favourite! And of course tea, wonderfully aromatic jasmine tea.

On Saturday we headed over to the Imperial War Museum. That place is huge! We spent more than two hours wandering through WWI and WWII exhibits, including a fascinating and very well thought out children's area, The Children's War, and a neat In the Trenches experience where guests walk through a "trench" (it's sensory, including smell...). Alas, I got museum legs and Tall Guy got museum back, so we decided to call it a day and left the Holocaust floor for another visit. 

Gas Masks for Children!

Good luck convincing people of this today...
In the evening, we went back to SoHo to take a spin through Stanford's (where we ended up buying three books. Our flat is turning into a small tourist information office), and we ended up going to the cinema. I reluctantly saw 127 Hours, but I'm glad I did! I kept Tall Guy's shoes vomit-free by keeping my eyes closed for the arm-cutting scenes, and actually enjoyed the rest of the movie. Most of the time, it's one actor, which is different to watch. Despite the arm, it's a very hope-filled, and quite artistic, film. Go see it. Your cue to close your eyes is the dream about the future son...

Now it's Sunday evening, and after a day at the Tower of London and Gap shopping, I'm exhausted! We bought a historical buildings membership, so now we have unlimited visits to the Tower and four other sites! Even for tourists, if you're planning on going to several places only once, it's worth becoming a member. You even get a discount at their shops and cafes. But, back to the Tower: we were surprised and pleased that it wasn't very busy today. No line up for the crown jewels (although that did mean we missed the coronation footage that is played inside to help pass the time spent waiting). No pictures, either. That's ok, we bought a book.

After the Tower, I introduced Tall Guy to the Gap. I think I am creating a monster - first Mexx, now the Gap. What store will I hook Tall Guy on next?? Anyway, we found him two really great pairs of jeans, and I'm happy to report to all of you shopaholics who are planning to visit that the Gap is cheaper here.

Now I think it's time to head to the gym. They're open just long enough for a quick swim and a trip to the sauna, and I can't think of a better end to the weekend or start to the week ahead than that!


  1. Sounds like a pretty busy weekend! The Chinese restaurant looks great and I'd love go to Stanfords.

  2. Stanford's is dangerous! A "quick stop" to pick something up can easily turn into a two hour visit!