Friday, October 8, 2010

We Eat Fish on Fridays

After years of Friday lunches at Tall Guy’s Catholic school, and the ones I had at the religiously tolerant Glendon College, eating fish on Fridays is routine. Keeping Friday’s lunches “Catholic” ensures that fish makes it onto the menu at least once a week.

Today we’re having teriyaki salmon with a side of spinach. I can only find 1 KG bags of baby spinach here, so we’ve been eating spinach at every meal this week! Plus, there is just something about the pinky-orange colour of salmon that screams for a beautiful, bright green plate companion.

This recipe is quick, easy and will impress company. Even Tall Guy, who claims he doesn’t really like salmon, loves this dish (he says, “oh, how fancy!” when I make it...). I usually prepare this after cleaning up from breakfast, while I’m still in the kitchen. That way, the fish have a couple of hours to soak up the flavour and I don’t have to think about lunch until 10 minutes before we want to eat!

Teriyaki Salmon for Two
(recipe adapted from Maximized Living Nutrition Plans by Dr. B.J. Hardick, Kimberly Roberto, and Dr. Ben Lerner. P.S., I LOVE this book and highly recommend it.)

*3 Tbsp Olive Oil
3 Tbsp Tamari Sauce
Juice of a Small Lemon
1 Tsp Mild Mustard
1 “Tooth” Garlic (isn’t the Spanish way of saying “Garlic Clove” just so much more fitting?)
1 Tbsp Fresh Ginger
2 Wild Pacific Salmon Steaks (fresh or frozen; I use frozen, skinless ones because they’re easy to find and keep on hand)

Put everything, except salmon, into a mixer (a Magic Bullet tall cup is the perfect size for this) and blend until you have a smooth, velvety, caramel coloured marinade.

Put the salmon on a plate. Pour the marinade over the salmon, reserving a couple of tablespoons. Make sure to cover both sides; leave in the fridge for at least an hour.

Transfer salmon to glass baking dish. Brush top with part of reserved marinade, and broil or grill for about 5 minutes. Turn salmon, brush with rest of marinade, and broil or grill for another 5 minutes or so, until the salmon is flaky but still moist.

*If you use ¼ C instead of 3 Tbsp, you’ll have some extra marinade to serve over the salmon as a sauce for extra flavour on steamed vegetables or brown rice.

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