Tuesday, October 5, 2010

From Starbucks

Yes, that's right, I'm in a Starbucks in Wiesbaden.

Why aren't I taking advantage of one of the many quaint coffee houses that fill the city, you ask?

Why drink a Tazo green tea and eat a yogurt parfait when I could be drinking coffee and savouring a slice of cake?

Well, because Starbucks has wi-fi. And, because, once in a while, you just need the familiar taste of home.

In general, I am a firm believer in keeping it local while travelling. I try regional cuisine, I shop at farmer's markets, and I ask residents to suggest restos and recipes.

Every now and then, however; I just want to wrap my hands around hot drink that comes in a cup the size of a soup bowl, and munch on a bagel.

Sometimes it's homesickness that brings on the craving, other times it's nostalgia. Basking in the fruits of Globalization for an hour or two cures me and aids in reminiscing (not to mention the fact that you can always count on McD's for a clean washroom).

Missing Canada? I walk by a McDonald's, and take a whiff of the burgers and fries.

Thinking about old friends? I head to Starbucks and toast them with a cup of tea. 

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