Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Rot Fisch and a Cute Baby

Ceiling detail, Eberbach Monastery
Hello out there!

I'm back after ten days of being a tour guide for Tall Guy's parents and sister.  During the visit, we hooked Tall Guy's dad on Thai food, his mom on Cucko clocks, and turned his sister into a German wine and sausage addict.

The weather cooperated (warm, sunny days!), so we were able to do a lot of touring around: We went to Rudesheim, Wurzburg, Heidelburg, Eltville, Eberbach, Mainz, and Frankfurt. 
A beautiful rose in Eltville

The highlight of the trip, however, was our Saturday trip to visit Tall Guy's Chilean-Spanish great aunt and her family.

Cologne Cathedral

 On the way to their house, we stopped in Cologne to check out the cathedral. It's huge and reminiscent of the Catedral de Toledo in Spain. While we were there, a choir was singing "I, the Lord of Sea and Sky" in English!

We arrived at TG's aunt's around 2:30, just in time for lunch according to the Spanish timetable. Miguel and his mother had visited them before, but for his dad, sister and I, everyone was new. I think everyone's favourite person was Cute Baby, Miguel's second cousin's son (what a web of people!).


Cute Baby goes for the ice cream

We had a very hearty lunch that ended, of course, with coffee and a fabulous cake, after which I spent some time trying my German out on Cute Baby. He is Chilean-Polish, and lives in Germany, so I figured one more accent wouldn't hurt.  I told him a GREAT story - ein fisch, zwai fisch, rot fisch, blau fisch, and I'm pretty sure he understood me. He smiled a lot, anyway...

Cute Baby smiling after my story

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