Monday, September 20, 2010

Boxed In

(The one where Tall Guy pulled off a driving manoeuvre only people from Madrid can manage)

I wish I had taken pictures of Tall Guy, or even recorded a video, of this absolutely impressive parking operation. Seriously, Mr. Bean and Austin Powers have nothing on him, even though we brought it on ourselves... This is what we get for parking in the “reserved” spot outside of our building...

Tall Guy takes the cake when it comes to driving and parking. I learned this a few years ago, but the other day I think he reached platinum status.

So, here’s the story: we headed out to the car to start off on a day of sightseeing along the Rhine River only to find our car boxed in, trapped between a giant metal garbage container, a cement fence, and another car!

We looked at the space between the other car and a cement pillar. Then we looked at our car. Then at the space again. Then back at the car. There were just centimetres to spare.

“You can do it”, I said to Tall Guy. He looked doubtful but determined. “Ok”, he said. “Let’s try to get out of here!”

First, we (well, to be honest, Tall Guy) pushed the metal garbage container back so it was tight against the fence. This gave us a couple of extra centimetres, and when you’re trying to squeeze an apple out of your nose, any extra bit of space helps. Tall Guy got in the car and slowly, ever so slowly, backed up. Then he drove forward, turning slightly, and backed up again. I ran back and forth from the front of the car to the back to indicate how much room he had:
 “Ok, GO! Now...STOP! Noooo, a little more... little more... a LIIIITLE more.... STOP! STOP! Ok...go!”
(flashbacks of moving the giant matress downstairs at our old apartment)

And then we were out.

Chapeau, Tall Guy, chapeau.


  1. Very funny Jes, I can totally picture this LOL!

  2. It was crazy - I am SOOO glad we got out, because we had a day trip planned, and we needed groceries!