Monday, October 17, 2016

The first day - Ordesa and Lost Mountain National Park

On this rainy Monday, I´m reminded of a hike we did on a dreary summer´s afternoon in August. We had been driving for two days, finally arriving in Parque Nacional de Ordesa y Monte Perdido in the late afternoon. We left our things at our mountain lodge and headed for the information office, excited to find out all the park had to offer, and eager to do a short hike that same evening.

that light on the rock!
 Wouldn´t you know, as we pulled up to the information office, the rain came teeming down. 

"It´ll blow over," said the park ranger, "you should head up to the lookout over Escuain Valley."

And it did, so we did.

the never ending road
The hike started out way, way up a twisting, turning mountain road. To make things especially interesting, we hadn´t seen a gas station for ages and were running on low. 

escuain valley. definitely worth it.
"I hope the views are worth it", Tall Guy said. They were! I felt right at home on this trail. The scenery gave off a very Canadian vibe. I said "Wow, we could be in Canada!" several times. The fresh pine air! The rock faces! The berry shrubs! It was a good initiation to things to come. We love this national park!

dinner after the hike.
After the hike, we were hungry, and low on gas. Time to drive down the mountain on fumes, and find a gas station and a restaurant. Tall Guy was getting nervous, which was making me nervous, but we did make it down. When we filled up our tank, we checked the litres against how many our tank holds. We had had only one left. Yikes!

Los Miradores de Revilla is a 4.5km hike, with an easy climb of 200m. We did it in under the suggested hour and a half. The hardest part of this hike was getting there! A seriously crazy road (do fill up your tank before taking it on).

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