Thursday, October 13, 2016

Bread Island, Yummy!

It only took 8 years, but we finally did a hike in Las Tablas de Daimiel. I first saw this national park in my guide book when I came to Spain on exchange in high school (!!), and despite the appealing picture, I never imagined I´d actually go there one day.

Then I met Tall Guy, and wouldn´t you know, the exit for Las Tablas is on the way to the family farm! We drove by, and by, and by, and said we´d stop one day. And then we drove by some more, until, ten days before David was born, I said it was time. 

Las Tablas de Daimiel wetlands area was designated as a national park in the 70s and a Biosphere Reserve in the 60s. It´s the last existing fluvial tables ecosystem, and thanks to its park status, the flora and fauna who make it their home will have a better chance of survival. My hometown has a beautiful wetlands park where I´ve spent many enjoyable hours out in nature, especially observing the great blue heron, my favourite bird. Las Tablas reminded me of home.

There are three hiking routes in the park, and we chose the Isla del Pan for its accessibility and length, since Tall Guy and the Doctor had banned me from long, remote hikes at that stage in the game. It was a very easy walk, under an hour and a half, 2.5km, circular. A network of boardwalks took us through the wetlands, where we unfortunately didn´t see many birds (not the season), but it was lovely to be outside in the warm, spring air. I am looking foward to going back with Baby someday soon.

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