Monday, October 26, 2015

Day 26: Word

I just had to share the sky scraper of words we saw today at CentroCentro. I love it! We went to see the Kandinsky exhibition (worth it on a Monday, when it´s 5 euro, but I would skip the 11 euro entry fee unless you really, really love Kandinsky. A lot.). There´s always more than one thing going on in CentroCentro, and until November 1 it´s architecture.

It´s called La Torre de Igualdad, the Tower of Equality, by Angel Baltasar. The artist gathered words and phrases from marginalized people trying to fit into society. A fitting installation not only for Architecture Week, but also for Madrid and Spain as a whole as they prepare to accept thousands of refugees, for the immigrants who are here, as the nationalisation process has recently been changed, and a reminder that we could all work to be more inclusive.
a close up of some of the words

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