Sunday, October 11, 2015

Day 11: Snack and Shop

We had been window shopping all morning (actually, we had been picking out hideous outfits to photograph) and it was time for a snack. 

"Let´s go to the Corte Inglés cafeteria", she said, "a snack and a great view!"

Having never been, I readily agreed.

The cafeteria was pretty standard, same for the food, but the views were pretty cool. A few months later, we headed back. One major difference between Spain and North America is that Spaniards don´t seem at all worried about liability issues. Up, up, up we went on the elevator, and out we walked into a construction scene - no floor, no lights, cables hanging down from the ceiling, no one to forbid us from walking around (no workers, it was snack time, remember?)... Not wanting to be electrocuted in Spain, we left.

the terrace
Renovation has since been completed, and the cafeteria is no more. Instead, it´s a "gourmet experience". High end grocery and about a dozen food outlets, plus an outdoor terrace now make up the space.

i kind of want this...
It´s a great stop for a bite to eat if you´re shopping in the area - we like the tiny, grass fed, locally sourced hamburgers from Hamburguesa Nostra - and a nice grocery store for browsing. I happen to love looking around in grocery stores, and this one even has some Canadian fare - maple syrup, smoked salmon and Crystal Head vodka. Yeah, because that´s what we eat...

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