Tuesday, May 5, 2015


He came into our lives one Friday night, twenty days earlier than expected, and we were blown away. 

"Um, I think the baby's coming..." I said to Tall Guy. 
"Are you sure? It's so early!?" 
"Well, I'm pretty sure... I don't think he's going to wait three more weeks..."

the first night
We didn't have all the furniture for the nursery. Our last parenting class was to be the next morning. We had a night out at a cool restaurant planned for my birthday. The scrapbook wasn't started, we only had two packages of diapers, and the freezer was only half-filled with prepared meals. 

But here he is, and we've found we can do without everything else. It wasn't on our time, but his timing was perfect:  
  • We're thankful he waited until Spanish full-term (he was 37 weeks and two days), so we avoided a prolonged hospital stay. 
  • We're thankful he waited until his daddy was home from a business trip (two hours after he got home I went into labour).
  • We're thankful he waited until I was at the hospital with my doctor and midwife (he was born two hours after we signed in).
Grinch Growing Heart Grinch heart growing grinch
our hearts grew by way more than three sizes that day

Love - 1 Corinthians 13:7-8
from here
Even though he is a good baby (so calm and peaceful, and very cuddly), it's not always easy. We sleep less, eat faster or lukewarm meals, spend more time quelling irrational worries (well, I worry, Tall Guy quells). Somehow, we don't feel exhausted, we're not hungry, and the worries fade quickly. And there will be harder days and tough moments, and times we think we're messing everything up, but we'll get through. I'm convinced it's because we're fueled by love. 

How can one tiny person bring forth so much love, so much joy, so immediately? It's true, what parents say - it's a love like no other, a love so deep and steadfast we never thought it possible, a love that brings new meaning to our lives.We knew we would love him, but our hearts are absolutely overflowing.

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