Monday, October 20, 2014

Journey to Teaching: Making Music in the Capital

Today's guest is my best friend, Sailor Girl, who is a piano teacher at her own studio in Ottawa, Canada. While she has always loved music, teaching wasn't her first career option, but, like me, it's something she's kept coming back to. Here's her teaching story:

sailor girl at the piano (photo by garmamie)

What do I teach?

I teach piano, both group and private lessons. However, this also means I teach, among other skills, reading (some kids are as young as three and don't read English/French yet - for some, music will be the first thing they read!), memory (on the other side of the age spectrum, I have a retired student in his 70s - he'd rather exercise his brain with piano lessons than by playing scrabble with his friends), and social interaction (my young group students are just starting school and/or other group activities).

How did I get into teaching?

I'm not sure what made me decide to start teaching piano. I always wanted to do something with music, but somehow thought that it couldn't be a full-time job. Like Tall Girl, I've always been around kids: siblings, babysitting, helping at camps, etc. It was just natural to keep working with them and teach them what I love most!

What do I love about it?                                 
Everything! I love teaching them to love music and start to have favourite songs or parts of a piece. I love how excited they get about music games and songs. I love getting hugs and presents (such as leaves from my yard!) every day! I love that the most "work drama" that I have is hearing about who kissed who on the playground. I love the hilariously random stories and views I hear every day. I love that I can be excited about choosing the week's stickers and that the kids will be even more excited than me!

Why do I keep doing it?

Can you picture anything more fun and worthwhile?! I get to make a difference in lives every day, doing what I love to do!

You can read more about Sailor Girl on her personal or professional blogs.

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