Friday, October 17, 2014

Fun Friday: Silly Singalong

It's Friday, and everyone's feeling a little silly. Will we manage to get anything done? We need... a Silly Song Break.

Lips Card

Sometimes kids get silly. Sometimes teachers do, too. Just go with it - sing a silly song or two and let your sillies out. Then you can move on and do your planned activities in relative peace. It's kind of a pre-prize - here, we'll sing some silly songs, and then we'll all come back to reality for a while - and it works, not just on Fridays.

I bring out a silly song or two when the kids are getting restless, looking sleepy, or I feel we need a change of pace (and, well, when I feel like it, because I like silly songs! And one of the advantages of being the teacher, and therefore boss of the classroom, is that you can do what you feel like doing! So go ahead and sing a silly song!). For a whole singalong session, they can dress up or use props, but most of the time, a song or two will do it.

Here are five of our favourite silly songs: 

  • One Finger, One Thumb, Keep Moving 
  • If You're Happy and You Know It (thanks to the dance moves we learned in this video)
  • 20 Kinds of Dogs (yep, it's a song that's a list of 20 kinds of dogs!)
  • Pete's New Shoes (actually, we like all the Pete songs, but the first is our favourite)
  • Oh Where is my Hairbrush? (which just may be the greatest silly song of them all) 
Have you got a favourite silly song? Let me know!

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