Friday, October 24, 2014

Fun Friday: Say it with Stickers

I love stickers. Always have, always will. I used to buy/collect them, and keep them in a special box for "special occasions" (read - sticker hoarder) and I used to love earning them for things like doing chores, practicing piano, and doing well at school. Being a teacher gives me a professional reason to purchase stickers, but I'd buy them anyway, I know, if I had another job.
my stickers... i may have a problem
I like to give out stickers when kids do a good job, or to take home as a reward for something or other, to use them as incentive, or just because. I like walking by someone's desk and just putting a sticker on their hand. They look so happy!

I still have some extra special stickers I earned. They bring back nice memories. Stickers  can cheer up even the longest, dullest day at school. Something small to get excited about.

So, for this week's Fun Friday, I say, "say it with stickers".

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