Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A Family School

Classmates, over the year, can turn into a little family. We spend an awful lot of time together, and get to know each other pretty well. 

As much as I can, I like to keep parents and caregivers in the loop. Parent volunteers in the classroom aren't really a thing here, and they are definitely not into newsletters, so what's a teacher to do?

Parents of the Week Children\s Ministry Youth

Parents can book an appointment to come talk with me, and I try to touch base as they drop off or pick up their kids (an advantage of being at a small school - the kids get dropped off at my classroom door, so I see a family member or a caregiver every day.

We've got a WhatsApp group and an email list, and we've got a closed photo group on our web page, where I post photos of everyone doing neat activities, book work, or recess.

We also have Tommy, who I've mentioned before. Our class mascot spends a weekend being hosted by each student. Someone at home helps them photograph or draw pictures, and write captions, for the weekend's activities.  

I think getting to know the families and keeping up on what's on at home helps me be a better teacher. I can support the students on a deeper level, and what we're doing in the classroom can be reinforced at home. When parents and caregivers know me, the kids can trust in me and feel more comfortable and well-adjusted at school. 

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